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The Clay

Step 1

In this section we will cover:

Clay types
Choosing clay types
Preparing clay for throwing

What is clay?

Clay is naturally formed by the erosion or breaking down
of the earth's surface. Found worldwide it is primarily made
up of hydrated silicates of alumina.  This is why raw clay can be found
in creek beds and wet areas.   Clay is plastic in nature and can
easily be formed into shapes.  

The Clay   ·   Clay Types   ·   Wedging   ·   Preparing the Clay for throwing  Throwing     ·   Altering   ·   Painting with clay slip   ·   Handling   ·   Burnishing  Bisquing   ·   Glazing   ·   Firing   ·   Firing With Wood   ·   Pinch Pots  

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