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The closest lodging to Brushy Creek Pottery is located
approximately 15 miles in Van Buren, Missouri

Van Buren offers lots of summer family fun.
The Current River  located in Van Buren;
is alive with fishing, swimming, boating, canoeing and floating.

Not to mention camping, hiking, exploring and truly picturesque scenery.

Big Spring Road Motel
Some rooms have a microwave and kitchenette
573 323-8128

The Landing
Canoes, Tubes, River front Lodging
573 323-8156
or visit them on the web @ The Landing

Smalley's Motel
Kitchenettes, family units, pool and float trips
573 323-4263

Starlight Motel
Cabins, stove and refrigerator
573 323-4673

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